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Ballet Company

Ballet Bristol is a community ballet company. We welcome amateur adult dancers who would like the opportunity to learn repertoire and perform regularly. If you’ve done ballet previously to something equivalent to RAD Grade IV (or higher), then you should be able to fit right in.

We’re not a ballet school, so we’re not right place if you want to start learning ballet, or if you’ve only done a little and need to learn more, but we can help you find suitable classes at ballet schools around Bristol and South Wales.

Company Classes

On Wednesday evenings between 7pm and 10pm we have company class, followed by repertoire. We expect company members to attend class and repertoire regularly, and to commit to at least some performances during the year. If you don’t attend for three evenings in a row without letting us know, we’ll check with you if you intend to come back, and if not, we’ll offer your place to another dancer.

We work hard, but have fun, and it’s a relaxed environment to develop your ballet technique and performance skills.

If you’d like to come and join us, then just email us at and we’ll set you up with all the information you need.  (Sorry, but you need to be aged 18 or above to attend our classes).

Class Structure

The first 90 minutes is a class in the standard format, followed by pointe work and jumps/turns, and finishing with 75 minutes of repertoire. We expect everyone to attend the entire evening, and each dancer is assigned repertoire to learn in the repertoire time.

Class Schedule


The weekly cost is £7, covering class, pointe and repertoire sessions.

Membership of Ballet Bristol

You’re welcome to come to your first couple of weeks without becoming a member. If you decide to stay, there’s an annual membership fee of £18, which covers our insurance costs.


We meet in the Bradley Stoke area.